A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Our Land is a turn-based single player strategy game inspired by nature.  You play as a nomadic tribe that tries to live in harmony with the world.

Note: The game linked here is a prototype and is bound to change in many ways.

  • Use symbiotic relations between species to create beneficial areas
  • Craft tools from what you collect to work efficiently
  • Move along with the changing seasons and be on a constant journey
  • Fulfill mankind’s role in the ecosystem's balance
  • Map contents randomly generated each run

  • Left click to select and drag'n'drop
  • Right click to close open menus
  • Scroll wheel to manage zoom
  • Middle/right click to pan the camera
  • Any issue related to click not responding is fixed by pressing 'escape' to get the menu and then returning to game

We’re interested in your feedback to pinpoint what to improve next. Once you’re done playing, please don’t forget to fill this form :)

Survey link


Melolon is a small studio composed of 5 people.  Coming from varied backgrounds we've started working together for Our Land, which unites our passions and convictions. We're located in different corners of France.

Thank you @DanstonSlip for having worked with us creating assets. Check out her art it's mighty good stuff!

Thank you Roxane for the giving our mascot it's cute noggin.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, ecology, environement, Management, nature, permaculture, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Turn-based
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Our Land.app.zip 306 MB
Our Land.zip 341 MB
PrintablePapercraft.zip 50 MB

Development log


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Hey there, I just played your game and it seems that your team is looking forward to rebuild the game, that sounds awesome!

Yet, I was wondering if you guys are interested in getting the game translated to Spanish, I can do it!


Thank you for playing!
Should the game be funded and get to the point of needing translation we'll get back to you. But for now we have no plan to translate the demo.

Sounds great, I'm looking forward to it!


when I saw the title I thought this was some bunny communism simulator thing

Hey, I downloaded the mac zip, but my computer refuses to open it. It says this "The application 'Our Land' can’t be opened." Is there any way I can troubleshot it to play the game?

There seems to be a problem with Unity builds and the newer macs. However despite looking into it we haven't found a solution yet.

I'll make sure to notify you once we come up with a fix.

Awesome, Thank you!

This is a little late but if you download the itch application, it should launch since the zip files dont exactly do the job. Hope this helps! If you are wondering where the download for the application is, probably just google itch.io download.

Hey, This work for me!! 

Thank you so much!


Since it's a prototype, why not publish it in web format ? ( with unity it's quite easy )

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I am not a developer of this game, but 3D is considerably slower in web, compared to standalone. And >300 MB game size is too big for web. Could end up with quite terrible experience IMO


We tried to make a web build, other than sound issues it was okay. But it's too big to be an web game on itch. 

is this game singleplayer or multiplayer?

It's single player.

Do you plan to release the game on Steam at some point in the future?


Hi, we plan on reworking the whole game to make it worth your money, it's more of a proof of concept right now. We'll work on it for the next year or two and we hope it will be available then ;)

Noted, thanks! Our community Turn-Based Tactics is interested in your game. We're going to follow the development on Twitter, and we've added it to our database of turn-based PC games. Feel free to ping us on Twitter or Steam if you need visibility / playtesters / wishlists / whatever. Good luck!


I really like the game, it looks very nice and actually works pretty well. This really seems like a game that can get popular quickly once its in its full form 


Thanks! Wait until you see all we have in stock.




Да товарищ


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congratz on this amazing game of yours i can see the struggles, blood, sweat and tears in what u managed to pull out to this game people like you guys (assuming there is more then one of you) are what keeps indie games alive...

Thank you, it warms our hearts to see this kind of comment :)
We're a small team of 4 for now, but we're expecting to start our studio soon.

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<3 so amazing to see! cant wait to see that you guys will be the next big game company

This looks amazing just looking at the screen shots! keep up the good work

And it plays just as well ;)
Thank you for the support!

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Nice game, I have had been looking for survival adventure games for about 10 months now and this is the best one so far. Keep it up, 5/5

We're doing all we can to have it become a full game :D

wow looks we cool . good luck to you

Thank you!

This looks super cool. I did want to call out that there was a small typo in the game's short description/tagline, though. As of 12/13/20, you've got "startegy" instead of "strategy".

quero saber se esse jogo roda pra windos ???

Hi, I want to know before downloading so my potato won't explode; What are the system requirements? I have an i5-8265U (poorly cooled), Intel UHD Graphics 620, 8GB single-channel 2666mhz LPDDR3 RAM and a 1366x768 screen. Thanks

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I'm no expert in computer specs but I have somewhat of a potato laptop myself too. It's about 5 years old. Here's the performance usage with pretty much just the game running. The game runs fine and is fully playable on my end.

I reckon it just should run okay, as it is a turn based strategy game, lagg won't have too big an impact on gameplay itself. If you do play it let us know how performance was, could help us determine minimum specs recommended.

Of course with it being at the prototype stage we haven't put any work towards optimizing the game for lower end hardware. That'll come at a later date.

Hope that helps

Thank you

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I died, but the game is wonderful and really creative! I would only change one thing: don't say that the people starve to death, the whole aestetic of the game doesn't support this horrible outcome (this doesn't feel like a frostpunk). Wouldn't be better to put that the people just abandon the tribe and they were all scater and fallow their separate ways? I mean, I found it more beleiveble that they all just leave rather than stay and die of starvation. Other than that this is a game with a lot of potential!

And my answer for the survey:


Thanks a lot for testing and uploading some gameplay, we really appreciate! It looks like you had no trouble understanding the mechanics, that's great. As for the game over message, we wanted to get the attention of the player on the food levels, but you're right, it's a horrible way to end as a tribe.

Thank you for filling the form, you're the best ;)

good game <3

Glad you liked it!


Game title by Stalin

Deleted 1 year ago

Really cool work ! It was quite hard to reach the end of the prototype but also rather satisfying ! Hope to see the final game !

Congrats on getting all the way the end. You may very much be the first one to do so!


love the idea behind the game but it was a bit confusing for me haha

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Thanks for playing Gooby!
You actually got pretty far, but yeah it takes a couple of runs to get the gist of it.
It's nice to share some gameplay, I've taken notes for future tweaks to make things clearer. Like where are the Nettles or what type of plant a seed grows into ^^

here's a few tips for your next run:
-Zones with certain synergies give ripples to other zones around them. Basically "ant ripple" means there's an ant in an adjacent zone.
-Nettles come from forest edges, which is a zone with a tree next to a zone with 4 trees.
-if you hover the objectives at the top you get tips on how to complete them.


Congratulation guys , this looks amazing ! i love the intro so muchhhhh , the game is so well made and cute !

Enfin disponible !

Finally out ! Nice :)

Top one! Congrats guys !